About Picotte - Overview

At Picotte, commercial real estate isn't only about square footage, location or price. It's about creating office space that makes people feel good about where they work.

And for more than 75 years, we've been doing just that. As the Capital Region's premier commercial real estate provider, we build customer relationships – and day-to-day

satisfaction – by actively listening and responding.

That can mean innovating and modernizing – developing a free-standing child care center in an office park, or installing new energy management systems in our Class A properties. Or it can mean being flexible and retrofitting an existing space to accommodate future growth.

Of course, we're also distinguished by the dedicated management services we provide at each of our properties. And by the breadth of office space we offer.

So it's no wonder we continue to work with world-class regional and national organizations, such as General Electric, New York State, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Xerox. Maybe even yours.

Why Picotte?

Location, location, location. Picotte properties are diverse – offering urban and suburban settings, proximity to highways, byways and transportation hubs.

Environments people can really work with. Picotte is all about meeting the needs of our tenants. Corporate Woods, our premier office park, provides onsite lifestyle amenities such as wooded walking trails, outdoor sculptures and even a free-standing child care facility.

We take total responsibility. Only Picotte offers end-to-end, in-house construction, energy management, grounds maintenance, operations and housekeeping services. On call, 24x7x365.

Your needs come first. Picotte remains imminently flexible, even if it means refitting office space to help you accommodate expansion or maybe contraction without having to relocate.

Picotte has been in business in the Capital Region since 1933. We're well respected, trusted, and here to stay.


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