Co-working space will be key to the new normal

As COVID-19 continues to alter every aspect of modern life, it is important for industries to adapt, including commercial real estate. As of October 19, there were 3,427 positive cases in Albany County. This reality is forcing capital region residents to think about what returning to work will look like.

According to an April Gallup poll, 62% of employed Americans were working from home. Indeed, organizations have been forced to evolve. While properly maintained traditional offices are here to stay, shared co-working spaces provide an alternative. Such environments, properly outfitted to provide space, where small businesses and their remote employees can thrive, will be integral to ensuring the economy has a safe and productive future.

With offices re-opening, employers are looking to increase social distancing by having fewer people working in one location at a time. Allowing some employees to work from flexible, shared environments is an indispensable solution for companies that will protect workers while allowing them to get out of the house. Coworking spaces can act as a lifeline for people who are feeling lonely and trapped at home.

This is why Picotte Companies and Migrate Business Services are launching the Business Hub in downtown Albany.

The Business Hub will provide support services beyond the traditional shared workspace, which will aid small businesses that were forced to downsize during the crisis.

Migrate’s international reach will give smaller firms access to new markets and opportunities. At a time when social distancing is fundamental, this environment will foster a new sense of community. The space will also provide a collaborative atmosphere for members of the region’s burgeoning creative economy.

Just as Picotte Companies has prioritized safety during the pandemic in its traditional offices, which are fully operational and expertly maintained, the same will be true in the Business Hub, set to open in November. Every room will be sanitized and the proper precautionary measures will be instituted.

COVID-19 disrupted how we live our lives and forced us to reimagine the workplace. So much remains unknown. But we do know that flexible, community-oriented coworking spaces, designed for safety will be an important building block to returning to work in the new normal.