Featured Tenant: Rosemont Financial Group

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Rosemont Financial Group is a financial planning firm specializing in wealth management and retirement planning for individuals, with a focus on group retirement plans and executive benefits for businesses.

Company Profile
18 Corporate Woods Boulevard
16 Employees (11 Financial Advisors + 5 Support Staff)
Founding Members, Paul G. Coluccio, CFP® & Steven Novotny, CFP®

We asked them a few questions to learn more about their company.

Where are your customers located?
Our clients are primarily located throughout New York State from Plattsburgh to Poughkeepsie.
We have a satellite office in Old Forge, NY and clients located in many states throughout the country including MA, VT, CT, NJ, FL, OH, GA, CA.

What do you like about your location?
We like Corporate Woods for many reasons. Most importantly, the location was ideal for our clients from an accessibility standpoint. Being off a major highway and easy parking is an enormous convenience. In addition to the location, Picotte takes pride in providing well maintained and professional facilities. In all of our dealings with Picotte staff, they have gone above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are met.

Are there any upcoming fun or interesting projects you’d like to share?
We just moved into our new space in December 2016. We moved from the 3rd floor of Building 18 to the 2nd floor. This expansion has given us room to add more advisors and also accommodate the expanding client base we are continuing to develop as a group.