Flexibility Will Remain a Key Issue for Offices in 2021

As a new year begins and Albany awakens from its holiday slumber, businesses across every industry are thinking about the structure of their physical spaces and how they can offer environments where their employees can be happy, productive and – above all – safe.

COVID has certainly forced not only those of us in commercial real estate to seek creative solutions, but managers and business owners across the board to as well. For instance, Picotte has implemented a variety of safety protocols in all of our properties to ensure the well-being of our employees and our tenants from the very onset of the pandemic almost 10 months ago. From hand sanitizer to personal protective equipment located in and around every office, we are beyond committed to keeping everyone safe and safely distanced.

However, it’s not just precautionary measures business owners can do to ensure safety and well-being. Arranging desks, cubicles, chairs, and other furniture in a manner that is COVID-compliant and socially distanced and adaptable has become paramount for 2021. Even as the vaccine is rolled out across parts of the country over the next six to nine months, the need for flexibility in office spaces will remain top of mind for entrepreneurs and employees alike.

One option that has become more prevalent over the past year, for large and small businesses alike, is co-working. Picotte’s new joint venture with Migrate’s global platform, The Business Hub will offer flexible membership options ranging from open desks to fully serviced private offices. The Business Hub, slated to open in February at 111 Washington Avenue, is just minutes from Albany’s Capitol building. Picotte Companies recently invested $1 million to modernize the 105,000 square foot office building, which once housed the New York State Telephone Association and Albany Exchange Savings Bank.

The space will provide the much sought-after adaptability and flexibility for safe and socially distanced environments in which to conduct business for as long as the pandemic continues to be with us – and long after.